What is the ABELDent Advantage?

A User-Friendly Cloud Solution for Streamlined Dental Practice Management

cloud solution for dental offices

A Powerful Cloud Solution

Why ABELDent Advantage Cloud?

ABELDent Advantage in the cloud leverages new technologies and techniques that dramatically improve the practice efficiency, productivity and security of our clients now and in the future. It contains all the familiar features that made ABELDent an industry leader and delivers a new, friendlier user interface with more efficient workflows. Easy to learn and use, Advantage provides a much better experience for the dental team and your patients.

What’s Unique about its Platform?

Local workstations running the ABELDent Advantage application access dental practice data from robust and secure Microsoft Cloud servers. No longer residing on-site, this data is continuously backed up and stored in the cloud to provide maximum convenience, security and protection from cyber attacks. An expensive on premise server is no longer required saving the cost of its purchase and ongoing maintainance. A low monthly subscription fee covers all products and services. For more details see ABELDent Hybrid Cloud Platform

Here's Why It's The Better Choice

  • Save time with less worry
  • Save IT expenses and reduce downtime
  • Minimize start-up costs
  • Enjoy optimized System Performance
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A Down-to-Earth Cloud Solution

ABELDent Advantage takes the best features of on-site software and browser-based platforms and combines them into an efficient and secure productivity tool for the entire office.

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This brochure highlights all the great ways that ABELDent Advantage can enrich your practice!

Our company has been working alongside ABELDent Inc. for nearly a decade in dental offices throughout Ontario... They’re invested in making long lasting products that help their customers work better.

Bill Dungey, IT Manager, CTSIT

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