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ABELDent Platform Comparison

On this page we share more about the solutions that ABELDent has to offer your dental practice.
Whether you prefer a local solution or a cloud-based solution, ABELDent has the capabilities to help you protect your data, increase revenue and cut costs!

ABELDent Local Server (LS) solution

  • All hardware and software are on site at the dental practice
  • The ABELDent application is installed on workstations and practice data is stored on a separate server or servers
  • Backups are done on site or remotely in the cloud
  • Software updates are loaded manually on site
local server solution for dental offices

ABELDent Cloud Server (CS) solution

  • The ABELDent application resides on local workstations that access data on cloud-based servers via the internet
  • Regular automated backups are generated and stored on the cloud servers
  • Installation and update downloads are automated
  • Microsoft Azure cloud services are leveraged to provide the highest level of protection, security and reliability available
cloud solution for dental offices

ABELDent Solutions Comparison Chart

Local Server (LS) solution Cloud Server (CS) solution
Server Location On Site Microsoft Azure Cloud
ABELDent Application Location On Site On Site
Practice Data Location On Site Microsoft Azure Cloud
Security Managed Detection and Response Provisions Microsoft Azure Security
Backup Local or Cloud Cloud
Admin Workflow Via Scheduler and Patient File Via Scheduler and Patient Manager
Clinical Workflow Patient Chart Driven Patient Chart Driven
User Interface Traditional Windows Modern Windows
Pricing Model Purchase or Rental Subscription
D365/Office Integration Yes Yes
Imaging Software Integrations Yes Yes
Automated Patient Communication/Patient Portal Optional Included/Optional

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