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ABELDent Hybrid Cloud Platform gives you the best of both worlds

Mainstream adoption of cloud-based software brings a new era of choice for many businesses. Now with the ABELDent Advantage cloud-based solution, you as a dental practitioner also have this option! But let’s first provide more context so you can make an informed decision on what platform is best for your practice.

On-Prem Platform

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Most dental software today operates from an on-prem platform:
  • All hardware and software are on-site at the dental practice
  • The dental application is installed on workstations and practice data is stored on a separate (more costly) server
  • Backups are done on prem (or in some cases remotely in the cloud)
  • Software updates are done manually on prem
  • Software licenses are typically purchased upfront along with a maintenance and support plan

Concerns with this platform are the high risk of cyberattack and potential for privacy breaches despite protective measures being in place. Even with proper backups, there is the potential for loss due to fire, theft and other disasters since an on-prem server is present and available. Other issues are the large initial outlay for software licenses, the cost of a server and ongoing maintenance, potential server downtime, time-consuming manual updates and software configuration, and lack of reliable data backup procedures.

Full Cloud-Based Platform

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Some offices use a cloud platform (also known as web browser-based):
  • Both the dental application and database are located in the cloud and accessed via the internet using a web browser
  • Typically, a third party cloud service company monitors performance and upgrades the system infrastructure as required
  • The application stays current with automated updates and regular backups are routinely generated and stored on cloud servers
  • Downtime is minimized due to reliable data storage on reliable and redundant server networks
  • Monthly subscription fees typically cover use of the application, software updates and support

Concerns with this platform include performance issues since both application commands and data must be transmitted over the internet, lack/cost of necessary bandwidth, internet downtime, and loss of system control. Integrations with other existing on-prem software, such as imaging, are likely to be broken and therefore may require replacement. Browser-based user interfaces are typically not as rich and aesthetically pleasing as on-prem applications in order to accommodate limited bandwidth conditions.

An Alternative: ABELDent’s Hybrid Cloud Platform

ABELDent Cloud Solution image
The ABELDent platform solution is a best-of-both-worlds approach that synergizes the positive attributes of the two standard platforms previously described. See below for a list of the many advantages of this hybrid solution.

With ABELDent’s Hybrid Cloud solution:
  • The ABELDent application resides on local workstations that access data on Cloud-based servers via the internet
  • Regular automated backups are generated and stored on the cloud servers
  • Installation/update downloads are automated
  • Microsoft Azure cloud services are leveraged for the highest level of protection, security and reliability available
  • Minimal outside IT resources are required

Reduced Hardware/IT Expense
There is no server and database software for you to purchase and maintain

Minimal Upfront Costs
Like a full cloud solution, your cash flow is preserved since the cost of using the application is covered by low monthly subscription payments.

Automated Backups
Backup storage media is not required. Your backups are automatically produced in the cloud with greater frequency so that your data is always as current as possible.

Automated Updates
Your ABELDent software is be kept up to date with minimal disruption. Rather than manually installing updates from storage media, you can download updates whenever available.

Enhanced Security
Since the ABELDent database is stored in the cloud on robust and powerful Microsoft Azure servers, the hybrid solution enjoys the same advanced security and data redundancy features as a full cloud solution.

Minimal Downtime
The Microsoft Azure Cloud Service also ensures that your downtime is minimized to the degree of insignificance. If internet reliability is a concern, you can subscribe to a low-cost cellular network as a backup in the event of a connection failure.

Maintenance of Preferred Third-Party Software Integrations
Since the ABELDent application is still stored on your on-prem workstations, your locally run third-party applications (such as imaging and digital radiology) are maintained.

Potential Integration with Other Cloud-based Business Applications
Many business applications that can benefit your dental practice − such as Dynamics 365 and Office 365 – are cloud based. Since the ABELDent software database is also stored in the cloud, there is a unique opportunity to benefit from ABELDent’s ongoing integration with these business applications.

Greater and Easier Regulatory Compliance
As an example, according to PHIPA, Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act, any Ontario dental office that fails to implement specific physical protection upon their local server can be held legally responsible in case of a data loss or breach. Your risk exposure is significantly reduced since you no longer require a highly vulnerable local server to store your data.

I have worked in the dental field many years and ABELDent is by far the best dental package out there. I promote it to everyone I can.

Valerie from Scotia Dental Associates

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