System Requirements FAQ

ABELMed Inc. provides guidelines for the Recommended platform requirements for the hardware used to run the ABELMed programs.

Recommended platform requirements are for those who are purchasing new hardware for the purpose of running ABELMed. These requirements detail the specifications of current model computers. Computers that meet this specification would be suitable for running the ABELMed program and would provide approximately the best value for the money at the current time.

New ABELMed customers and existing customers performing significant hardware upgrades:

Please purchase hardware conforming to these specifications for a Terminal Services based thin client approach. This is ABELMed’s model going forward. View or print:

ABELMed EHR - EMR / PM v9 and v12 Platform Requirements (New Systems)

Existing ABELMed customers performing minor upgrades or additions:

Hardware conforming to the following specifications will be supported in the short term. On your next major hardware refresh you should purchase hardware conforming to the specifications above View or print:

ABELMed EHR - EMR / PM v5-7 Platform Requirements (Upgrade)
ABELMed EHR - EMR / PM v9 and v12 Platform Requirements (Upgrade)
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Once you have chosen hardware that meets the requirements, the operating system needs to be configured properly in preparation for installing the ABELMed Program as well as after it is installed to ensure proper operation of the program. Since these steps are technical in nature, it is important to arrange for these services as part of your hardware purchase or through the services of a systems integrator or qualified IT technician. Here is the guide in Adobe Acrobat format: ABELMed Setup Conventions PDF. Your system supplier will need this to estimate/quote on the services to be rendered. Please ensure these steps are followed for a trouble-free installation.