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How to Expand Revenue Opportunities for your Dental Practice

Use proven KPI strategies and paperless technologies to expand revenue opportunities for your dental practice

ABELDent Overview

ABELDent Features Overview

See the full set of features that our dental software brings to your practice. Clinical charting, treatment management, image management, software integration and patient records.

ABELDent Overview
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Go Paperless

Reduce time searching for patient files. Streamline the whole process of managing patient data. Have ready access to patient information that's current and securely stored Create more time to focus on your patients.

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Practice Management By Objectives

Practice Management By Objectives™

Use our PMBO™ methodology to develop the best practice management strategies to ensure you meet your dental practice goals. Identify and leverage relevant KPIs to expand new revenue opportunities.

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Viewing reports produced by ABELDent 365 and Dynamics 365 Integration

Dynamics 365

When viewing revenue reports from your practice management system, do you ever wonder how much you’ll get to keep? With timely access to corresponding practice expense information, you can know your bottom line at any time.

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