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Want The Best EHR Electronic Health Record Software?

See why electronic health record software can make an immediate improvement to the overall success of your dental practice

Spending precious time pulling/filing charts, passing paper around the office, and searching for misplaced files?

Go Paperless with ABELDent! Our users love the way it streamlines the whole process of managing patient data.

  • Patient record integration – Administrative and clinical Information in concert provides optimal treatment outcomes, enhanced workflow and improved communication
  • Management support – Information is presented in a format optimized for reporting, trend-watching and forecasting
  • Increased security – Both administrative and clinical data can be completely restored to a new system
  • Dynamic records – A cumulative historical chart is created with each patient visit to add more context for treatment planning
  • Accessibility – Data is available at any place on the network allowing for timely decision making
  • More complete legible records – Enforced data-entry protocols result in better information integrity and accuracy

Why suffocate under the sheer volume of paper files?

  • Labour savings – No need to pull, organize and refile patient charts
  • Longer-lasting records – Electronic charts are protected from wear and tear
  • Automatic signatures – Charts are automatically named, dated, and time-stamp for validity
  • Easy reproduction – All records can easily be duplicated or transmitted electronically
  • Space saving – Space for storing charts becomes free for more productive use
  • Supply saving – Eliminating paper charts and X-ray film, and reduced printing can save thousands of dollars per year
Paperless Image

Our patients are thrilled with the paperless environment and the ease of having their insurance claims processed on the spot. And ABELDent handles dual/multiple insurance coverage making things even more convenient. Electronic insurance claims get paid quickly and our patients are happy to pay the balance owing at the end of their visit. This keeps our cash flow steady and virtually eliminates the need to deal with accounts receivable.

Edie Boyd, Office Manager at Kulik Dental

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