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What is the ABELDent Cloud Server Solution?

A User-Friendly Cloud Solution for Streamlined Dental Practice Management

ABELDent Cloud

Why ABELDent Cloud Server Solution?

ABELDent Cloud Server solution leverages new technologies and techniques that improve the practice efficiency, productivity and security of our clients now and in the future. It contains all the familiar features that made ABELDent an industry leader and delivers a new, friendlier user interface with more efficient workflows. Easy to learn and use, ABELDent Cloud Server solution provides a much better experience for the dental team and your patients.

What’s Unique about its Platform?

Local workstations running the ABELDent application access dental practice data from robust and secure Microsoft Cloud servers. No longer residing on-site, this data is continuously backed up and stored in the cloud to provide maximum convenience, security and protection from cyber attacks. An expensive on premise server is no longer required saving the cost of its purchase and ongoing maintenance. A low monthly subscription fee covers all products and services.

For more details and a comparison of this ABELDent Cloud Server solution and our ABELDent Local Server solution see ABELDent Platform Comparison.

How Does it Work Better?

The Patient Manager serves as your administrative hub to perform all daily tasks and process patients as they move through the stages of their appointment. Efficient, easy to use, workflows save your team the time and effort of searching. All major functions are directly accessible from the Patient Manager and included at no extra cost – there are no additional modules to buy!

Scroll through the features below to find out how.
dental practice management workflows

Take a look at ABELDent Cloud Server solution.

Patient Manager tracks patient visits, arrival to departure, in real time to keep your team informed.

  • Patients are listed under "Pre-arrival", "Arrived", "In Progress", and "Completed" based on their current appointment status.
  • A "Time Waiting" field shows a patient's wait time and turns red if that time exceeds your defined threshold.
  • Alerts for medical conditions, pre-medications, allergies, and special needs are highlighted to draw your attention.

Patient Manager also gives you immediate access to more valuable information via the Sidebar – no need to go elsewhere.

Health History – Capture the information you need prior to providing treatment

The Sidebar on the Patient Manager screen shows you whether patients have recently completed a Health History. If a new or updated Health History is required, the patient can fill one out electronically, either in the Reception Area on a kiosk/tablet or from home in advance of their visit.

Patient Dashboard for a quick view of key patient information

With the Patient Dashboard, you’ll save time by seeing complete patient details and historical profiles from a single screen.

  • No need to jump between multiple screens to view a patient's appointments, unscheduled appointments, financial status and/or insurance information.
  • Updating contact and mailing information for one patient will automatically update the record of other family members saving you even more time and ensuring data integrity.

Insurance – Excellent functionality for insurance assignment and for non-assignment practices

  • The Insurance window displays the patient’s insurance plan coverage by coverage class in an easy to read pie chart.
  • The amount of coverage remaining and the number of scaling units available is also shown to assist with patient communication and treatment plan scheduling.
  • Patients have fewer questions and pay more promptly when they can view their financial obligation on a per-procedure basis.

Treatment Manager – Locate and prioritize outstanding treatment so it never gets lost

  • The Treatment Manager can easily retrieve your patients that have chosen not to pre-book their recall appointment so you can contact them at the appropriate time.
  • Filter by provider, required procedures or other criteria to keep the schedule full and your days productive and predictable.
  • Patient availability, preferences, follow-up attempts, and past cancelled/missed/changed appointments are tracked and monitored – warning messages help prevent booking of failed appointments.
  • The Treatment Manager also integrates with ABELDent Portal so you can reach patients more efficiently via email and texts.

Treatment Entry – A quick and easy way to make entries and see the big picture

ABELDent’s Treatment Tab allows you to enter treatment for the day, view future appointments, manage ‘unbooked appointments’ and enter planned treatment with many built-in time saving steps.

Financial Transactions – Streamlined management of incoming payments

  • Most payments and adjustments are entered directly from this one screen.
  • Financial transactions can be displayed in a variety of viewing formats depending on user preference for easy tracking of payments against charges.
  • View the expected insurance coverage for outstanding balances simply by hovering the mouse over the specific treatment entry.
  • Easily edit the expected insurance to reflect EOB’s as they come in.

Clinical Charting – Administrative synergies not possible with paper

ABELDent’s clinical charting integrates information from billing, treatment planning and appointment scheduling functions to produce complete electronic records.

  • View both the upper and lower arches on the odontogram as well as important notes all on the same screen.
  • There are many customizable features such as background colour and viewing preferences depending on user workflows.
  • Entry of clinical notes is fast and it’s easy to create custom templates to suit individual providers.
  • For accurate record keeping, treatment added to the chart is automatically billed to the patient, no need to re-record treatment.
  • Clinical data, once certified, becomes a permanent and secure part of each patient record.

ABELDent clinical functions are included at no additional cost so there is no new software to purchase once you make the decision to go paperless.

Periodontal Charting

  • ABELDent Perio Chart allows you to record measurements for Recession, Pocket Depth, Attachments and Furcation as well as plot conditions such as bleeding, suppuration, plaque, calculus, and mobility.
  • You can compare results for up to 5 different exams to evaluate patient progress.

Letter & Document Manager

Improve patient communication and eliminates the need for paper document storage.

Letter Manager provides customizable letter templates for individual or group mailings and has data merge capabilities by extracting “Keywords” from the ABELDent database.
Document Manager stores documents from any source in the patient record for archiving, reference, printing or transmission.


Kiosk saves your team time with easy patient sign-in and information update.

  • Enjoy a new level of workflow enhancement and patient empowerment.
  • Your patients will be empowered to check in immediately upon arrival in your office.
  • In complete privacy and security, they are prompted to confirm or update any personal information.
  • Your team is then alerted of the patient’s arrival and sees current information in their electronic chart.
Sign In Kiosk

A Down-to-Earth Cloud Solution

ABELDent Cloud Server solution takes the best features of on-site software and browser-based platforms and combines them into an efficient and secure productivity tool for the entire office.

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Our practice implemented ABELDent Cloud Solution (CS) in December 2018. We experienced a smooth launch and appreciate the fact that training was customized to meet our specific needs. As first-time users, we find the program easy to navigate and when we do have a question the built-in Help often provides a quick answer. When we need further assistance our trainer Marica and/or the dental Support team take good care of us. Colleagues told us that going with ABELDent was a good choice – now we understand why.

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