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Get Easy Online Appointment Reminders and Appointment Confirmation

Automated Patient Communication to Improve Practice Efficiency and Patient Retention

ABELDent Patient Portal

Benefit Now From Automated, Patient Communication!

Two-way Texting and Online Chat are the latest Portal features that will save you time and money.

ABELDent’s Integrated Solution is Better than a Third Party System

  • No built-in limits to ABELDent data that's available for exchange with patients
  • Convenience of single vendor support for all functions
  • Real-time database transfer allows for display of the most current information
  • Integration integrity maintained via uniform ABELDent/ABELDent Portal upgrades

Functions for Your Practice

  • Provide online account statements/receipts (if the portal is integrated depending on the application’s integration with financial information)
  • Automate your appointment-related email and SMS messages based on a schedule
  • Track the status of Portal emails that you send, equipping you to make informed decisions about follow up for specific patients
  • Offer electronic forms for secure pre-submission of health history
  • Send post-visit surveys and store results in the patients’ charts for quick reference
  • Link a New Patient Registration form to your practice website
Portal Communication Status screen
online dental appointment requests via Portal

Functions for Patients

  • View upcoming appointments
  • Request appointment changes and cancellations based on your office policies
  • Request new appointments for emergency care, regular check-ups and unscheduled treatment
  • Review and inform the practice of changes in their demographic information
  • View their personal health information record, including allergies, current medications and medical history
  • Complete and submit medical history forms in advance of their appointment
  • Respond to post visit-surveys
  • Recommend and refer patients to the practice

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ABELDent Portal can boost your practice success – this short video shows how.

Save time and build revenue while providing superior service!

Any patient with a web browser on their computer, smartphone or tablet has 7/24/365 convenience to communicate with your office through your Portal.

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We’ve had great feedback from our many customers who now champion the ABELDent portal as a way to communicate with their patients. Everything from upping their “cool” status to definitive positive impact on their bottom line. Read more...

Just wanting everyone there to know how happy our patients are with the PORTAL reminders... We are now considered a cool dental office!

Kathy, CDA at Dr. Lea's office

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