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Software Integration

Wondering whether ABELDent will integrate with digital imaging, radiography and other systems that you use in your practice?

ABELDent integrates with all of the software listed below. Please call 800-267-ABEL (2235) if you require integration with a product that is not listed.

Software Integration Table

Company Software
Air Technique CaptureLink ImaginIT (5.20)
Atlanta Dental and PEB  ImageXL
Apixia Digital Imaging Apixia
ApteryxXVAssistant CADI / ImageLevel Mediadent
DICOM Dental Imaging Suite
Express Plan ImageDDS
Fimet Fimet iOX Image Viewer (3.74+)
Florida Probe FP32 (3.72+)
Gendex VixWin
Instrumentarium Imaging CliniViewXV
Integra Vipersoft
LightYear LightYear
Orthocom Photo
Owandy QuickVision
Patterson Imaging Patterson
Planmeca DIMAXIS (5.10)
Prolmage Eva
Provision Dental System Inc. Dexis (3.72+)
Schick CDR (must be launched 1st before exporting)
SciCan ImageFX
Sirona Sidexis
Soredex Digora
Suni ProfSuni and DrSuni
Televere TigerView (3.71+)
Trophy Trophy Dental Imaging system (3.73B03+)
VisionDent VisionDent